Santa Pictures Available Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

For Schools

The student gets ready at home as if it was picture day. 

Then they use a phone or digital camera and takes a nice picture against a solid colored wall.

We then take that image, touch it up and replace the background.

The final product is a nice universal professional picture for personal and school use.

Email me at to sign up.

Once signed up, you would send out an email to all students with instructions on how to proceed.

There are 2 processes:

  1. The parents use the website to send pictures and pay, and we send back the picture to them and email the school all the pictures and process payment to school.
  2. You can handle all the payments and pictures and send it over to us so we can work on the pictures and send it back to you. 

This can very depending on various factor:

1. Schools get the bulk pictures once all parents have submitted their pictures.

2. Parents get their pictures back a few days to several weeks depending on volume of orders.

You can choose from a selection of backgrounds we have to offer, or you can request or provide us with one you would like to us.

Staff can purchase pictures at a discounted rate of $7.

Yes, the school can use their portion of sales toward the picture purchase.

The 30% that goes back to the school can be applied as a percentage off the schools orders.

So instead of having parents pay $10, they pay $7.

After the submitting period has expired and a student has not submitted a photo, they would have a chance to submit the missing photo.

If students have issue with payment, the school can contact us to discuss further options. 

No, the orders are for digital images only.

If prints are needed, I would provide an external link for different print packages that parents can order or create print packages with the school.